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Armor Edits

(M) = Male only
(F) = Female only

Patapon suits

Patapon SuitsEdit

You cannot see anything because its black colored on all sides.

By Betafalx

Aegis Armor

Aegis Armor (F)Edit

Comes with accompanying drum magazine of the finger guns (weapon edit). The hands are positioned in a fashion so that it makes her attack stance look perfect and is in-line with the weapon edit; in other words, they're a set, so no conventional weapon can really be used with this armor edit.

By an unknown Japanese creator

Aegis Armor on BlackRose

No Armor

No ArmorEdit

This completely eliminates the armor and makes it invisible. This is mainly used to make unconventional edits to work properly, when needed, which will be noted when uploaded.

By Zahlzeit

Byakuren Hijiri Dress

Byakuren Hijiri Dress (F)Edit

The outfit worn by the character of the same name.

By an unknown Japanese creator

School Uniform

Asian School Girl Uniform (F)Edit

Classic and makes a nice starting point for other anime-inspired edits.

By mjcampagna

Cinnamon, wearing the edit

Cirno EX Soldier

Personal EX Soldier Armor

EX-SOLDIER Armor (Cirno+Zahlzeit)Edit

Cirno's costume from Advent Cirno which is pretty much Cloud's Advent Children armor layed ontop of her usual dress. I made a edit of it giving it really gritty colors (which in no way resembles anything Cirno would wear) and was originally made for personal use. Also the hands are a little different in my personal edit. Despite these edits being meant for a girl this is fairly unisex.

Originally by an unknown Japanese creator, editted by Zahlzeit

Alucard Dress

Alucard Dress (F)Edit

Rachel Alucard's clothes from BlazBlue. Retains the high boots and long dress she had in game. Ignore the pink; that's part of Lamb's sprite not the dress. This is not the same as Handagote's version of her dress.

By an unknown Japanese creator


Marionette (F)Edit

A dress inspired by lolita fashion

By NekoCielXD