Editing with ASEPRITE


Cladun is a game more inspired into customizing our own heroes that would make the us have a better and more personal experience in crawling through dungeons, farming rare items, slaying unwanted creatures or even looking awesome. But enough is never enough, we want more! So, we keep ourselves busy making our favorite pixeled heroes for countless hours, unknowing of the fact thet there is a neverending selection of characters to create. Though it may seem easy to do, it actually isnt that simple.

For some of us, creating pixel art out of nothing may seem quite difficult. Aside from the need of a fickle imagination, you'd have to keep track of colors, angle shots, body proportions, etc - all processed in our minds real-time! Not all of us have this sort of imagination - we may need something to help us do so, at least.

Dont you fret, there are several tools out there that makes it simpler. It may not be for our psp's but hey, 3rd party softwares (even in a separate device) are always helpful - no matter how you deny it. These tools can cut our time by half if we manage to use them wisely. Obviously, one good thing about using these tools is that you dont have to suffer pressing "Left, Up, left, down" repeatedly - we have the mouse and other features that makes work faster.

These tools that i've been speaking of would be: (Though 100% free, all credits go to the respective owners)


Paint .NET

Despite the fact that we have tools to aid us, we still have to re-copy everything manually to our Cladun editing machine - there is no tool as of yet that imports our picture edits to the game itself. That sucks, yeah. But even then, we are going to just be copy-pasting and no more random guessing where to put those pixels in the process. Not bad, eh?

Simple to use, and easy to understand. You can load an image directly from your PC, "shrink" the image into the pixels you want, and finally edit. I personally shrink them to 50x50 (as the picture gets really messed up when you make it too small), then shrink it down to 25x25 manually from there. It may take some time to get used to, but it might be easier than staring at a wall - trying to remember the whole pixelated picture in your head.